Bauelemente bets 5 million euros on agriculture

Bauelemente, one of the largest producers of concrete structures locally, part of the Baupartner group of companies, managed by entrepreneurs Calin Bailuc and Michael Dietrich, recently completed an investment of 3.5 million euros where it will produce poles of prestressed concrete, also known as trellis, which will serve agriculture in Romania, especially in the field of fruit and viticulture.

The investment near Ploiesti, in the commune of Aricestii Rahtivani, the place where one of the largest business parks, factories and logistics centers in Romania is located, completes an investment of 1.5 million euros started in 2008 by the two administrators of the Baunicipners group of companies, which at that time tested the potential for the development of the prefabricated building materials sector for agriculture.

“In 2006 there was nothing on the site of the current production facilities in Aricestii Rahtivani. In the same year I decided, together with my partner Calin Bailuc, to lay the foundations of the company’s activity. The first factory was opened in 2007, to be followed by three more extensions, being completed in 2009, “he said. Michael Dietrich,German investor and co-administrator of the Baupartner group of companies.

The group of companies operates in the field of construction, biogas and real estate, but, following the recent investment, intensifies its presence in the segment of concrete structures for agriculture, which company officials say is the first and largest of its kind in southeastern Europe.

“After the construction, the bet with agriculture followed. We all make bets, but we decided to invest this bet. The product began to be in demand in the market with the increase of investments made with the support of European funds, and currently we are the only producers of poles for the agriculture industry certified locally. Support poles for agriculture were first developed in the building materials factory, and this led to the development of a new production facility. At first, it was a niche product, but now it is an important direction in our business locally, “he said. Calin Bailuc , manager and co-administrator of Bauelemente.

A product that until now was imported: at least 2,000 euros extra on purchase

According to the company’s manager, until the completion of the investment near Ploiesti, such structures were massively imported into Romania from Italy, and the total final cost of the acquisition for the final customer increased by at least 2,000 euros due to transport.

“Concrete for agriculture is imported a lot until now, and at least 2,000 euros of the total cost of an order was represented only by transport from abroad, especially from Italy. A calculation shows that for one hectare of land the necessary investment would amount to a maximum of 4,000 euros for a product bought now from Romania, while for an import solution its price could reach and exceed 6,000 euros, and in in total, no less than 4,000 fruit trees could be supported by such structures on an area of ​​10,000 square meters “, Calin Bailuc also showed.

Bauelemente relies on a tripling of sales of agricultural poles

Bauelemente relies on a tripling of sales of agricultural poles

“Last year we recorded sales of 1 million euros, and this year we want to exceed 3 million euros. The installed production capacity amounts to 8,000 cubic meters, the factory being able to make up to 600 elements that would cover about 1,000 hectares of prefabricated orchards “, the company’s officials also said.

According to Bauelemente representatives, the largest project carried out by the company so far in the field of agriculture, with prestressed concrete pillars, was a large client from Turkey, but also from the Republic of Moldova. “We rely on the lack of investments made so far in Romania and it has a huge potential for development,” company officials said.

Prestressed concrete poles (trellis) for agriculture are used as support elements in intensive and super-intensive fruit growing, in viticulture, but also for fencing.

The Bauelemente company, focused on the production of concrete structures, concluded last year with a turnover of over 25 million euros, and for the current year it relies on an increase of 10% in business, an evolution sustained in a large part by the investment. in poles intended for the agricultural industry.

Baelemente is part of the Baupartner group, founded in 2006 in Ploiesti, which includes companies with activities in various fields such as construction, design, production of prefabricated concrete elements, production of welded pipes, production of renewable energy from biogas and agriculture, the business of all companies amounting to about 50 million euros.

The member companies of the Baupartner group are Bauelemente, Bauprojekt, Bautechnik, Baupartner Construct or Baumetal Tub.

The largest local manufacturers of concrete and prefabricated structures are Somaco Grup Prefabricate, Ferrobeton, and Viacon Technologies.