Baupartner Group donates 500,000 lei for rescuers in the fight against COVID-19

Baupartner Group, pits members Bauelemente and Baupartner Construct, join the efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic with a donation of 500,000 lei. This donation is directed to the purchase of equipment for doctors and healthcare professionals, through the Donate for the first line platform.

All this equipment will be purchased under the direct guidance of the Department for Emergency Situations (DSU) and distributed through the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU).

The health of people at the forefront is the highest priority right now. Doctors, medical staff or patients all now need real support. We cannot stay away from these events and we cannot be indifferent to their efforts. It is time for involvement and responsibility, beyond beautiful words. We join the platformDonate for the first line, because we’ve always built with people, for people. We want our involvement to be more than just a donation, we want to build the confidence that we know and can be united. “, said Michael Dietrich, owner of Baupartner Group.

Help is still needed, it’s not too late for involvement! Everyone who can donate is expected to get involved in the project Donate for the first line.

Donate for the first line. is an initiative belonging to Banca Transilvania, Mobexpert, Bitdefender and eMAG, developed in order to support doctors and medical staff, gendarmes and police officers, as well as all those who directly fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

So far, through this program, 350,000 high-protection N95 (FFP2) masks have been donated to hospital doctors and more than 5 million three-ply masks have been distributed to family doctors, police, gendarmes or the military. through the Department of Emergency Situations.

Two high-performance Mindray SV600 fans arrived at Suceava County Hospital and Victor Babeș Clinical Hospital in Bucharest, under the coordination of the Department for Emergency Situations. This project managed to attract over 25,500 people, who together donated over 8 million lei.

Those in the front line still need donations to protect themselves. Donations can be made online or by bank transfer, on Information on the donated amounts, products and their price, as well as on the beneficiaries to whom they were distributed are centralized and published in real time on the platform.