Baupartner Group with Climb Again

We are very pleased to announce that we are expanding our climbing room at 8 Berceni Road, with the support of the Baupartner Group! What this means? We will have a double climbing area, adventure park and zip line. Soon, more children and young people with disabilities will cross our threshold and will be able to benefit from the therapeutic effects of climbing. Can not wait!

We are grateful to our friends at Baupartner Group, who support us in the room expansion project and in the inclusion projects for children and young people with disabilities. Thank you, Baupartner Group for your trust and cooperation![0]=AZX9iO_MUdnn8h3Vatl6OAc_t-OEJPSk5afH_Car9f8di9EnuwHgZU1Sxwsayl4JBKi7Zo00df3cOKHyR1RobBGU9iLXceDgpNO2H1PE2FuOSJYJrXlwMXzcu_zPPAUHIxZKI9gniJtp84RWWaHBVevQHgcxxFM43dIb2hBj98XnuUrCGWaz-w4iNEY1uLCSRqw&tn=%2CO%2CP-R