” Ziarul Financiar ” presents to its readers the partnership between eMAG and Baupartner Group in order to create a smart storage center

eMAG, the largest local online retailer, has begun construction of a 100,000-square-meter logistics center in Hungary, where it merged with Extreme Digital in 2019. The new logistics capabilities are developed in partnership by the two companies, this being the first such center in which the local retailer invests outside Romania.

“The new warehouse is located near Budapest, in Dunaharaszti, and the building prrocess will be completed next year, following an investment of over 100 million. euro “, said for ZF Tudor Manea, CEO of eMAG.

The general contractor responsible for the construction of the logistics project in Hungary is Baupartner Construct, a company with which eMAG has also collaborated for its other warehouses.

“The master plan of the new logistics development provides in the first stage the construction of an intelligent storage center of approximately 110,000 sqm, with the possibility of doubling this area. This first unit will host all activities in the logistics sector, including courier operations, ”reads the website of Ba Partitner, a 264 million-dollar company. lei in 2021.